WORLD EXPERIENCE FESTIVAL, the new name of the Embassies Festival in 2018, has set the date for its new multicultural journey

The WORLD EXPERIENCE FESTIVAL, shortly WE Festival, is the new concept under which the fourth edition of the Embassies Festival event will run next year, celebrating the world cultural patrimony, the organizers from Asociatia ESCU announced.
The event will be organized in the heart of Bucharest, during September 3-9, 2018, proposing a world experimental program under a creative sensory concept dedicated to the world’s musicality, helping the audience know and understand the cultural diversity through the comprehensive power of music and sounds.

Posted 18.12.2017
Embassies Festival ONE World 2017: four days of spectacles, exhibitions, cinema and multicultural experiences in the heart of Bucharest

The ESCU Association presents the third anniversary edition of the large multicultural event called the Embassies Festival, with this year’s theme called ‘ONE World’, organized from September 7 to 10 at Grand Hotel du Boulevard, the place that will host the ethnographic at exhibitions and the inspirational conferences, at Cinema PRO, where artistic movies and recent documentaries from more than 16 countries will be screened, and the Titan Park, the location where World Bazaar & Show will take place, with exotic World Music performances and dances from all over the world, with presentation stands of the participating embassies, workshops, ceremonies and multicultural workshops and tasting of culinary dishes from over 10 traditional cuisines.
There will be music and dance performances with influences from countries like India, Indonesia, Angola, Argentina, Brazil, Malaysia, Macedonia, Vietnam, Greece, Cuba, Iran, Peru, South Korea, Pakistan, Armenia, China, South Africa, Romania and others.

Posted 16.08.2017
The second edition of the "Open your Culture" FESTIVAL: explore the world in its own city, August 29 - September 4, 2016

The AMBASADE FESTIVAL event celebrates in autumn this year the second edition of cultural spectacles and cultural experiences from all over the world, from August 29 to September 4, right in the center of Bucharest: ROMEXPO Exhibition Center, Bucharest National Theater and Cinema Romanian Peasant Museum - "Horia Bernea" studio.
This year, the Embassy Festival is under the theme of the Family, along with diplomatic missions, consulates, cultural institutes and multicultural organizations in Romania, the organizers will give the public a fascinating and colorful quest in search for the authenticity and originality that underlie the relationships between cultures, The defining elements that bring us nearer and bring forth the stories among us.

Postat 25.08.2016
The Embassies’ Festival ends its journey round the world. Over 50,000 persons attending

The Embassies’ Festival, a unique concept on the Romanian cultural landscape, ended last Saturday on the main stage in Lumea Copiilor Park. It was a first successful edition of the festival attended by over 50 diplomatic missions and cultural institutions offering exquisite shows of music, dance, gastronomy and handicraft workshops.
Through their events the participants aimed to “Open Your Culture” and to enrich the audience’s souls and spirits.The organizers from Escu Association next to its partners provided four locations to host exclusive cultural events and performances for five days: Romania’s National Library, Lumea Copiilor Park in District 4 of the Capital, Studio Cinema and Galateca Gallery. Visitors enjoyed visual art exhibitions, movie screenings, gastronomic tastings, music and dance shows, handicraft and folklore events, customs and craft parades, all rejoined in a thematic carnival celebrating the world cultural diversity.

Postat 10.09.2015
The Embassies Festival 1st Edition, "Open your Culture": a journey around the World from your own city

September begins with the first edition of The Embassies Festival, the theme being “Open your Culture”. This Festival is an event with a unique concept in the Romanian cultural landscape, which will contribute to the prestige and appeal of the Romanian Capital, promoting cultural diversity and the art of countries with diplomatic missions in Romania. For 5 days, in 4 key points from the Capital (Romania’s National Library, Tineretului Park – Children’s World , Studio Cinema and The Galateca Gallery), visitors will have the opportunity to experience Terra’s cultural variety, through cultural and artistic activities, such as international themed visual arts exhibitions (photography, film screenings, painting, installations, sculpture), demonstrations and culinary tastings, music shows, children programs and captivating activities of cultural diplomacy.

Postat 24.08.2015