The second edition of the “Open your Culture” EMBASSIES FESTIVAL: explore the world in its own city 2016

The AMBASADE FESTIVAL event celebrates in autumn this year the second edition of cultural spectacles and cultural experiences from all over the world, from August 29 to September 4, right in the center of Bucharest: ROMEXPO Exhibition Center, Bucharest National Theater and Cinema Romanian Peasant Museum – “Horia Bernea” studio.

This year, the Embassy Festival is under the theme of the Family, along with diplomatic missions, consulates, cultural institutes and multicultural organizations in Romania, the organizers will give the public a fascinating and colorful quest in search for the authenticity and originality of the relationships between cultures, The defining elements that bring us nearer and bring forth the stories among us.

Thus, for a week, there will be several series of events, exhibitions and artistic moments in three spaces in the heart of Bucharest, which will transform the capital into a destination of international culture, represented by an exhibition ensemble offering an experience Cultural panorama. The program includes world music concerts, traditional dances, ethnographic exhibitions, international cinema, world food market, handicrafts, storytelling workshops and traditional cultural ceremonies, photo exhibitions, folk costumes, screenings, crafts and customs around the world, Theater, embassy with activities and multicultural stories for children and captivating workshops that capture traditional customs.

NATIONAL BUCURESTI TEAM – World ART indoor area (August 29 – September 4, visiting program between 16:00 and 20:00): international exhibitions of contemporary and traditional art, cultural ceremonies.
L’etranger: concept of traditional art exhibition: multimedia installations, photography, illustrations, live theater performance, ethnography crafts and international heritage; Traditional cultural ceremonies and workshops.

CINEMA ROMANIAN NATIONAL MUSEUM – “Horia Bernea” Studio – World Cinema (program August 31 – September 3): screenings of international themes from over 12 countries, many of them being presented for the first time in Romania.

ROMEXPO exhibition center – Word Bazaar outdoor area (2, 3 and 4 September, between 15: 00-22: 00)
• Live shows with international themes of music, dance, live performance and screenings
• Presentation stands for embassies with handicraft exhibitions, traditional art and culture, heritage items, culinary specialties, handicrafts, products representative of each country;
• Live cooking show: Restaurants with different culinary specialties that will compete to offer culinary showrooms that will promote the world’s gastronomic diversity;

The Embassy Festival is open to the general public, the entrance will be free at all times in the festival. The organizers are honored to announce the participation of the following embassies, consulates, cultural institutes and international organizations: South Africa, Algeria, Argentina, Armenia, European Parliament Information Office, Romana-Panarab European Cultural Center, China and Confucius Institute, Congo, South Korea and the Sarang Hanguk Cultural Association, Cuba, United Arab Emirates, Italy and the Italian Cultural Institute “Vito Grasso”, India and the Rabindranath Tagore Cultural Center, Indonesia and the Indonesian Cultural Center, Jordan, the Center for Romano- Angela Hondru, Lithuania, Malaysia, Morocco, International Organization for Migration, Palestine, Peru, Representation of the European Commission in Romania, Moldova, Russia, and the Russian Center for Science and Culture, Syria, Spain, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Hungary, Uruguay, Yemen , The National Peasant Museum, the ELLAS Ensemble (Greece), the Asia Fest, the Embassy of the Transylvanian Tales and, of course, the country Whether Romania will have its own cultural program.

The AMBASSADOR FESTIVAL started in 2015 with the theme “Around the world in one city”. At its second edition, the Festival is an event with a unique concept in the Romanian cultural landscape, which contributes to the enhancement of the prestige and attractiveness of the capital of Romania, promoting the cultural diversity and the world art on a unique stage.

About the Embassy Festival
The festival is an event produced and the ESCU Association brand, co-funded by the National Cultural Fund Administration, organized with the patronage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as with the support of the Bucharest City Hall, the ARCUB, the Bucharest National Theater, the Romanian Peasant National Museum.

Organization partner: Romexpo

Communication Partner: McCann PR Romania

Partners: Arena Events, MW, Ursus Breweries, Coca-Cola

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