The Team of World Experience Festival 2018

The Team of World Experience Festival 2018


*** Festivalul Ambasadelor // World Experience Festival is a trademark of Asociatiei ESCU.

We are ESCU Association and we stand for Education, Society, Culture and Humanity. We are a young, enthusiastic and creative non-governmental, independent, non-profit organization, with the main objective to improve the cultural and educational development of the civil society in Romania. In 2015 we created the first multicultural event in Romania, The Embassies Festival (Festivalul Ambasadelor), which has grown into one of the most important cultural diplomacy happening in South-Eastern Europe, a project with a unique multicultural concept on the Romanian cultural landscape, with more than 60 diplomatic missions, cultural institutions, international organizations, ethnic groups and national minorities.

How the Embassies Festival ONE World 2017 looked like in figures: UNESCO & Ministry of Foreign Affairs Patronage // 50 participants: embassies, cultural institutes, minorities, international organizations // 5 continents // 3 locations //45.000 spectators // 1 Central multicultural & artisan exhibition // 60 world’s costumes // 10 travelling photography exhibitions// 3 intercultural conferences // 25 live World Music & dancing shows // 80 artists // 22 artistic films & documentaries// 10 international cuisines // 35 exhibition pavilions // 20 multicultural workshops // 60 people involved: ESCU Association, friends, volunteers & collaborators // 550 press coverage materials

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