About World Experience Festival English

About World Experience Festival

Asociatia ESCU is proud to present WORLD EXPERIENCE FESTIVAL, shortly WE Festival, the 4th edition under which we will highlight the new concept of the multicultural platform, The Embassies Festival

The event will be organized between 3-9 September 2018, in the heart of Bucharest, proposing a world’s experimentation program under a unique sensory concept dedicated to the world’s musicality and forms of knowledge of the cultural diversity through the comprehensive power of music and sounds.

The 4th edition of the Embassies Festival, under the new name, will TAKE one step further in experiencing the world through 5 primordial senses. We will outline an immersive journey around the world by celebrating the sense of sound & music, as a bearer of much cultural significance. Equally important, the festival will also allow many different audiences, both national and international, to gain an insight into cultures through the enjoyment of music, as a universal language that draws people together.

More than 70 embassies, cultural institutes, international organizations and ethnic communities will be invited to participate; the event is organized under the auspices of Romanian Commission for UNESCO and the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and with a main focus on the European Year of Cultural Heritage and the Romanian Centenary program, dedicated to cultural and creative sectors.

Theme: The Sounds of the World
World Experience Festival proposes a creative and innovative approach to the concept of experimenting the world and intercultural dialogue by outlining an immersive journey around the world about the sense of sound & music celebration.

World Experience Festival is a signature event in Romania and a moment of multicultural inspiration in Bucharest, an absolutely necessary project on the country’s cultural scene, being able to celebrate the world’s cultural heritage, conveying messages of respect, tolerance and openness to the rest of the world. The event is especially an opportunity for intercultural institutional cooperation that simply invite the public to feel at a smaller scale what it truly means to be World Citizens.

With 3 successful previous editions, the previously named platform-event, The Embassies Festival, managed to enhance the cooperation and cultural dialogue between more than 60 nationalities, represented either by their diplomatic missions, cultural institutes, cultural NGOs, international organizations, ethnic groups or even minorities associations. The World Experience Festival is a unique project through its specificity and has a huge cultural impact as it interrogates the possibilities of contact between cultures through very different artistic and authentic expressions.