From Sudan, AHALINA FOLKLORE GROUP is the first artistic group to confirm at WE Festival

World People, we have the first artistic confirmation at the World Experience Festival: from Sudan, AHALINA FOLKLORE GROUP! In an absolute musical premiere in Romania, we will bring a band from this country on stage , with the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Sudan in Bucharest.

Sudan, once the largest country in Africa, with many dramatic historical changes, the Sudanese culture is truly fascinating, a mosaic between the Arabic and the African area, that you find it difficult to separate one from the other, and let’s just say that the musical landscape it a direct result of these two influences, absolutely brilliant! We start with the Afro-beat, then we travel to Tuareg, only to reach Arabesque. True traditional Sudanese music is on the verge of extinction, sometimes even forbidden, so we feel fortunate enough to be able to participate in such a musical moment on a stage, in Bucharest. Coming soon… 3-9 September…

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